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The Well Rounded Pianist

If you. . .


            -Are a pianist

          -Have a passion for creativity

          -Interested in the history behind the piano

          -Want to be multifaceted with your piano playing


        . . .then The Well Rounded Pianist is right for you!
What Will You Gain?



The Well Rounded Pianist is a course designed to teach students skills that they wouldn't normally learn in an average piano lesson. Students will obtain ideas, skills, and knowledge that will help them become a well rounded pianist!

A 16 class course.

Each class covers a different topic!

The Art of Practicing

The Baroque Period

The Classical Period

The Romantic Period

20th century and post modern music

Forms of Music

Counting Rhythms 


History of the Keyboard

Fundamentals of Improvisation

Fundamentals of Composition

Creating Digital Piano Music  

Performance Anxiety

Drama in Music

Musical terms/Solfege

Survey of Instruments/Orchestral Transcriptions

How to sign up?

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