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If you. . .


            -Are a musician

          -Love to collaborate with other artists

          -Have a passion for performing and sharing with others

          -Want to bring your community to life

          -Compete in competitions such as NYSSMA and YoungArts


                        . . .then the PAC is right for you!
What Will You Gain?


The PAC is dedicated to helping you learn about yourself through the arts. You will have many performance opportunities and have the privilege of hearing great performances by both your classmates and guest artists. Throughout the year, you will gain more knowledge and understanding of your art form as well as others. 

What to Expect 

Student-led Studio Class

Studio class is a time where everyone in the Performing Arts Club comes together to practice performing in front of one another. It is once a month and it is student led. You will receive feedback from others in the PAC after you perform in studio class. In order to perform a piece, you must play it in studio class before hand.

Guest Artists

Guest artists will frequently talk and work with students. They will motivate students to work hard, give them new ideas, and new outlooks on what it is like to be a performing artist. Other areas of discussion will include handling performance anxiety as well as career opportunities within the arts industry. All guest artists will speak over a video chatting software during the spring of 2021.

Community Service Performances

Performances take place once a month about a week after studio class. Everybody that played in studio class the week prior can perform. Performance venues can include: Retirement communities, coffee shops, local restaurants, and school sport games. All community service performances will be virtual in the spring of 2021. It is a time to have fun and share your artistic thoughts with the community. 

The Finale Performance

At the end of the school year, students that performed and participated the most in the PAC will be invited to perform in one of the school districts auditoriums alongside a guest performing artist. It is a time to celebrate the hard work throughout the year and reflect on your growth. A portion of all proceeds will be donated to your school district's art department.

An Average Month

Every month the Performing Arts Club will meet four times. The first meeting is a student-led studio class where students have the opportunity to practice performing a piece they are working on. During the second meeting a guest artist will talk with the students about an aspect of the performing arts. The third meeting is another student led studio class. The final meeting is a performance somewhere in the community. Performance venues can include: retirement communities, coffee shops, local restaurants, and school sport games. At the end of the year, the students who performed the most will be invited to perform in the school's auditorium where proceeds will go towards the school district's fine arts department.

Become a Leader

Studio Class Leader


Two seniors hold this position and they are elected at the end of their junior year. They help run studio class and engage others. They make sure that everyone is getting an appropriate amount of time in studio class to practice performing.

Concert Director


Two juniors hold this position and they are elected at the end of their sophomore year. They arrive at the performance venue early to make sure everything is setup for the performance. They keep the performance running smoothly.


Awards are given to students based on how many times they have performed. They are handed out at The Finale Performance. PAC performances and any competitions count as a performance, including but not limited to NYSSMA and YoungArts!

If you have any questions, please contact us!