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An Overview


The Performing Arts Club is designed to spread awareness for the arts. The students give community service performances at retirement communities and other public venues. They prepare for these performances with student-led studio classes that help build leadership and confidence. These studio classes also help prepare students for competitions such as Solo Ensemble. The PAC invites guest speakers to motivate students and talk to them about an aspect of the performing arts. There is a final performance featuring a guest performing artist and students who participated the most in the Performing Arts Club. The PAC is dedicated to helping students learn about themselves through the arts. The student's community service performances bring great joy and are valued by the audience members. For more specific information, click on Join the PAC

Behind the PAC


We have designed the Performing Arts Club because in general, there is a declining number of opportunities for artists and a lack of funding for the arts in public high schools. Schools across the country are cutting art programs. Some have gone as far as cutting entire band programs. Also, there are very few opportunities for artists to grow within public school districts. The PAC will help artists in schools become noticed and will give them opportunities they have not had before. The arts are important for developing a creative mindset, leadership, and self expression. There are many people who have helped us grow into the musicians we are today so we want to give back to the community in order to help others grow as artists.


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